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Title:  JDR 6211 Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Pattern

JDR 6211 Dazzling Double Image
 Intermediate Brazilian Embroidery 
18 x 27

This design was featured in the magazine “at home with Needlework” February 2007 (Zweigart)

A Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Design by Cheryl “Sunshine” Schuler

This design package includes screen printed design on Trigger fabric (water soluble ink),  directions, color picture and thread list.

Stitches Used:

Straight stitches, Couching, Stem stitches, Chain stitch, Padding, Satin stitch, Alternating Satin stitch, Lazy Daisy, French Knots, Bullions, Blanket stitch, Detached buttonhole (one direction)

Needles used:   Iris – #5 Millinery    Lola – #1 Millinery Cire`– #18 darner

♥ JDR 6211 Dazzling Double Image

Pattern Number JDR 6211 Screen printed design guide on Trigger Fabric 
Cream Fabric $17.00
White Fabric $17.00
Thread Packet # of Skeins 16   $19.00

Color of EdMar threads that were used in the sample:

Iris: 006, 051, 118, 121,136, 140, 155, 170, 218, 323

Lola: 015, 118, 125, 134.     Cire’: 015.

1  Flower Cup Bead & one small seed bead.

Please feel free to choose your own colors!

Needles used:   Iris – #5 Millinery    Lola – #1 Millinery Cire`– #18 darner


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